Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Our Has your house started showing age of wear or just outdated? Remodeling is an exciting opportunity to reinvent your living space without moving. This takes vision and experience to turn your dream kitchen/bath into a reality. We work with remodelers to make the process a turnkey remodel.

-We will meet onsite to discuss what your vision is and what we see. This will help best understand and feel the space. Whether it’s a simple remove and replace or full remodel with moving walls, we can help

- We then will meet at the showroom to design the kitchen/Bath using our 3d Software To help you see and understand the space

- After the space is designed, we will meet and lay-out the cabinets and discuss the plans with remodeler

- Cabinets are ordered and we will install 4-5 weeks later or when space is ready

- Quality inspection done after installation. Service parts ordered if necessary

- Final touchup and adjustments will be done near closing

 Brunswick forest remodel


On this remodel we removed the load bearing wall that separated the kitchen and living room. We had to leave a post to support the second floor seen incorporate in the island. Bathrooms were redesigned talking in space from other room to make them more functional. This was our 3rd job with these customers

 Landfall Remodel

​​We were able to open the cased opening to living room. The kitchen and living room now seemed more contacted. We ere able to tie the blue island into the backsplash using blue accent tiles. 

 Landfall II

 Pictures----coming soon

Once again open the kitchen to living room. The existing Kitchen was very closed off from the living room and rest of the house. Add walk in pantry in kitchen matching a barrel arch for the hallway.
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