New Construction is an exciting opportunity to create a space with a little more flexibility than remodeling an existing space. With over 25 years of experience, we will discuss the space and how it fits your needs. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of plans where the architect/ draftsman has not put much time into the kitchen design.

-We will pre-draw Kitchen and bath lay-out based off our experience. This will speed up our meeting and make it more productive for our customers

- When we meet at the showroom to design the kitchen/Bath using our 3d Software this will help you see and understand the space. We discuss appliance and the overall flow of the kitchen

- After the space is designed, we will meet and lay-out the cabinets and discuss the plans with Builder

- We return before we order to check plumbing, HVAC and Electrical

- Cabinets are ordered and we will install 4-5 weeks later or when space is ready

- Quality inspection done after installation. Service parts ordered if necessary

- Final touchup and adjustments will be done near closing

New Construction

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